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S.No Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning Example word(s)
1. Ab- From, away Aberration
2. ad—also ac, af, ag, al,
an, ap, ar, as, at
To, towards Adequate
3. Ambi Both Ambidextrous
4. An – also a without Anarchy
5. Ante Before Antecedent
6. Anti Against Antipathy
7. Ac- Bitter, sharp Acrid, Acrimonious
8. Agog Leader Demagogue
9. Agri – also agrari Field Agriculture
10. Ali Other Alienate
11. Alt High Altostratus
12. Alter Other Alternative, altercation
13. Am Love Amiable
14. Anim(a) Soul, spirit, Life, Principle Animadversion
15. Anthropos Man, people Anthropology
16. Archein Rule Monarch
17. Aud Hear Audible
18. Auto Self Autocracy, autonomy
19. -able—also ible Capable of Legible
20. -acy State of Celibacy
21. -ant Full of Luxuriant
22. -ate To make Consecrate
23. Asketes Monk Ascetic
24. Andros Male Polyandrous
25. -Algos Pain Neuralgia, Nostalgia
26. Astron Star Asterisk, disaster, astrophysics
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