Vocabulary with Current Affairs- Part 1

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  1. India terms(परिभाषित करना) terrorism (आतंकवाद)as the worst form of human rights(मानवाधिकार) violation(उल्लंघन) a war crime in the right to reply at the UN general assembly in the exercises Pakistan’s long-standing policy(लम्बे समय से नीति) of sponsoring(प्रायोजक, समर्थक) terrorism
  2. India reacts strongly to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif speech at the United Nations minister of state for external affairs MDA described Sherry’s remarks as non-factor and full of threat blaster he adds that glorification(महिमागान, प्रशंसा, गुणगान) of his hizbull commander Burhan Bani is an act of self-incrimination (स्वयं को दोषी ठहराना)by Pakistan.
  3. UN  secretary-general ban ki-moon rejects Pakistan’s dossier on Kashmir rules out third-party (तीसरा पक्ष)intervention(बीच मेंं पडना, बीच बचाव, हस्तक्षेप) ban ki-moon says India and Pakistan resolve all outstanding(शेष ) issues including Kashmir to dialogue.
  4. strengthens(मजबूत करना) our nation’s anti-terrorism mechanism(आतंकवाद रोधी तंत्र). experts hold second high-level meeting in New Delhi the two-day seminar(संगोष्ठी) review strategies(रणनीति) to tackle(निबटना) terrorism in saarc nations.
  5. goods and services tax GST council(परिषद, समिति) holds its first meeting in New Delhi today the council will decide on long pending issues of threshold limit (सीमा रेखा)or applicability of the tax as well as the limit for dual control(दोहरा नियंत्रण ) between centre and states.
  6. Union culture and tourism ministerMaheshh sharma addressing(सम्बोधित) the tourism investors (निवेशक)summit(सम्मेलन) in new delhi set government has focused on connectivity(सन्योजकता) especially air connectivity and made a travel within the means of the common man(आम आदमी).
  7. first advance estimates for 2016-17 released today union Agriculture Minister Radhamohan Singh said that the total foodgrain production(खाद्यान्न उत्पादन) is estimated at record 13 for 50 points relapse bounces production is estimated that record 8 lakhs 70,000 tons in twenty sixteen to seventeen
  8. finance minister Arun Jaitley today inaugurated(उद्घाटन) a seminar on long-term infrastructure(आधारिक संरचना) financing and best practices for PPP projects in the bricks group while addressing the event in the national capital he says that if India has to grow at seven percent it has to overcome(उबरना) the challenges of infrastructure deficit(घाटा) and how to fund it
  9. The BSE Sensex sort by 265.71 points to an 87703.13 by the NSE Nifty also spurts(तेजी) by 91.30 points to 8867.45.
  10. Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu says the next century will be India century and stress that one should work on it wholeheartedly(जी जान से) he was addressing (सम्बोधित)an event at all India management association in new Delhi in the same event and MOS information and broadcasting Rajyvardhan Rathor said that opportunity comes in the way of every nation he called upon (आवाह्न किया)youth to take maximum advantage (अधिकतम लाभ)of this opportunity.
  11. A day after the AAP MLA Amanytullah khan arrest(गिरफ्तार) in a sexual-harassment(यौन उत्पीडन) case another AAP MLA Somnath Bharti was today arrested in connection with aiims boundary wall dispute case meanwhile the Delhi Court has granted bail to Amanytullah Khan.
  12. Saudi-Led airstrikes kill 20 civilians will help Yemeni port city of bday late yesterday just hours after the rebels celebrated the second anniversary of the seizure(जब्त) of the capital government officials said.
  13. The United Nations has said it is ready to resume eight convoy in Syria after halting operations in response (के जवाब में)to a deadly attack(जानलेवा हमला) on an eight mission on Monday.
  14. The death toll from ferry sinking(नाव डूबना)  in Bangladesh’s Sundhya River rose to 18, on Wednesday its deep river bank collapsed and huge slab of mud fell on top of an overcrowded(आवश्यकता से अधिक भरा हुआ) ferry while it anchored(लंगर).
  15. India have ended their one of the comfort test with 290 runs losing nine wickets against NewZealand Cheteshwar Pujara and Murli Vijay Scored fluent half centuries before the Indian team lost their way Trend Boult and Michael Santner picked three wickets respectively for the visitors.
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