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  • A big cheese- an important or a powerful person in a group or family
  • A bird’s eye view- a view from a very high place which allows you to see a large area
  • A bone of contention- something that people argue for a long time
  • A cock and a bull story- a story or an explanation which is obviously not true.
  • At the crack of the dawn- very early in morning
  • A cuckoo in the nest- someone in a group of people but not liked by them.
  • A litmus test- a method which clearly proves something
  • As the crow flies- measuring distance between two places in a straight line.

  • A dead letter- an argument or law not followed by anyone.
  • At the drop of the hat- u do something easily and without any preparation
  • An early bird- someone who gets early in the morning
  • An educated guess- a guess which was likely to get corrected
  • At the eleventh hour- be too late.
  • A queer fish- a strange person
  • A wakeup call- an event done to warn someone
  • A worm’s eye view- having very little knowledge about something…

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