1. Optometrist He prescribes corrective lenses.
  2. Pawnbroker He lends money and keeps goods as security.
  3. Physician He attends to sick people and prescribes medicines.
  4. Playwright He writes plays.
  5. Plumber He repairs waterpipes and cisterns.
  6. Potter He makes pots, cups, etc.
  7. Scavenger He is a refuge-collector.
  8. Sculptor He carves marble or stone.

  9. Violinist He plays the violin
  10. Surveyor He measures land.
  11. Technician He is a technical expert.
  12. Tinker He goes from place to place mending pots, pans, etc.
  13. Tobacconist He sells tobacco and cigarettes.
  14. Usurer He lends money at an exorbitant rate of interest.
  15. Architect He draws plans for a building.
  16. Astronaut A space traveler

  17. Bookmaker He takes bets especially on horse races and writes down in his notebook.
  18. Balloonist He ascends in a balloon.
  19. Chemist He sells medicines.
  20. Chauffeur He drives a motorcar.
  21. Collier He works in a coal mine.
  22. Compositor He sets type in a printing press.
  23. Curator An official in charge of a museum or art gallery
    Custodian Caretaker.
  24. Grazier A person who pastures cattle for the market

  25. Hawker He travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles.
  26. Invigilator A person who watches over students taking an examination
  27. Ironmonger A person who deals in iron or hardware
  28. Jockey A professional horse rider in a race
  29. Lapidist He cuts precious stones.
  30. Librarian A person in charge of a library
  31. Milliner A person who makes and sells ladies’ hats, etc.
  32. Oculist He is an eye-doctor.

  33. Optician A specialist in making eyeglasses
  34. Cobbler Mender or maker of shoes
  35. Dietician An expert in food and nutrition
  36. Draper He sells cloth, fabric.
  37. Druggist He sells medicines.
  38. Farrier He shoes horses.
  39. Fishmonger He who deals in fish
  40. Flautist A flute player

  41. Florist A person who grows or sells flowers
  42. Fruiterer A person who deals in fruit.
  43. Glazier A person who sets glass in windows, doors, etc.

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