Phrasal Verbs का SSC की परीक्षा में बहुत महत्व है,  common errors, fill in the blanks, cloze test, passage में अक्सर Phrasal Verbs का प्रयोग होता है तथा सामान्य तौर पर कभी कभी phrasal verbs का अर्थ पूछ लिया जाता है, इसी को ध्यान में रखकर यहां पर एक 211 लिस्ट दी जा रही है, आशा है आपके लिये उपयोगी सिद्ध होगी

1. Act Up-
Misbehave (For People); Not Work Properly (For Machines). दुर्व्यवहार
2. Act Like
Behave In A Way That’s Like की तरह व्यवहारकरना
3. Add Up
Logically Fit Together. जोड़ना
4. Add Up
Find The Total. जोड़ना
5. Add Up
To To Total. योगकरना
6. Ask Out
Ask For A Date. मुलाकात के लिए पूछना
7. Back Down
Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
8. Back Off
Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
9. Back Up
Move Backward; Move In Reverse. पीछेजाना
10. Back Up
Confirm A Story Facts Or Information. पुष्टिकरना
11. Back Up
Make A “Protection” Copy To Use If There Are Problems With The Original. बैक अप बनाना, एक प्रति सुरक्षित रखना
12. Beg Off
Decline An Invitation; Ask To Be Excused From Doing Something. मना कर देना
13. Blow Up
Inflate. हवा भरना
14. Blow Up
Explode; Destroy By Exploding. विस्फोटहोना, बर्बादहोना
15. Blow Up
Suddenly Become Very Angry. अचानक क्रोधित हो जाना
16. Bone Up
On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
17. Break Down
Separate Something Into Component Parts. अलग-अलग करना
18. Break Down
Stop Working / Functioning. काम रोकना
19. Break In
Enter By Using Force (And Breaking A Lock Window Etc.) जबर्दस्ती घरमें घुसना

20. Break loose
To make free बंधन विमुक्त करना
21. Break In
Train; Get Someone / Something Accustomed To A New Routine. प्रशिक्षण देना
22. Break Up
Disperse; Scatter. बिखरना
23. Break Up
End A Personal Relationship. संबंध विच्छेद
24. Bring / Take Back
Return Something. पुनःलाना
25. Bring Off
Accomplish Something Difficult; Accomplish Something People Had Considered Impossible Or Unlikely. किसी असंभव कार्य को करना
26. Bring Up
Mention (As A Topic Of Discussion). उल्लेख करना
27. Bring Up
Raise; Rear. पालन-पोशणकरना
28. Brush Up
On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
29. Burn Down
Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
30. Burn Up
Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
31. Burn Up
Cause Someone To Become Very Angry. क्रोधित करना
32. Butt In
Impolitely Interrupt (A Conversation An Action). हस्तक्षेप करना
33. Butter Up
Praise Someone Excessively With The Hope Of Getting Some Benefit. चापलूसी करना
34. Call Off
Cancel Something That Has Been Scheduled. समाप्तकरना
35. Call On
Ask Someone For An Answer In Class. प्रश्नपूछना
36. Calm Down
Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset; Help Someone Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset. शांत होना या कराना
38. Care For
Take Care Of; Supply Care To; Attend / Watch… देखभालकरना
39. Catch On
Develop Understanding Or Knowledge Of Something. समझ विकसित करना
40. Catch Up (With)
Stop Being Behind. आगेनिकलना
41. Check In (To)
Register For / At A Hotel Conference Etc.; Let Someone Know Officially That You Have Arrived. पंजीयन
42. Check Off
Make A Mark To Indicate That Something On A List Has Been Completed. सूची चैक करना
43. Check Out (Of)
Follow Procedures For Leaving (A Hotel Etc.) छोड़ने की प्रक्रिया का अनुसरण
44. Check Out
Follow Procedures For Borrowing Something (Usually For A Limited Period Of Time). किसी चीज को उधार मांगने की प्रक्रिया
45. Cheer Up
Help Someone Feel Less Worried / Depressed / Sad. ढाढस बंधाना, बढ़ावादेना
46. Chew Out
Scold Someone Severely; Berate. धमकाना
47. Chicken Out
Lose The Courage Or Confidence To Do Something–Often At The Last Minute. हिम्मत हारना
48. Chip In
Contribute / Donate (Often Money) To Something Done By A Group. योगदानदेना
49. Clam Up
Suddenly Become Quiet / Refuse To Talk About Something. बातचीतसेइंकारकरना, अचानक शांत होना
50. Come Across
Find (Unexpectedly). अचानक मिल जाना
51. Come Down
With Become Ill With अस्वस्थहोना
52. Come To
Total. निश्कर्शपरआना
53. Come To
Regain Consciousness. होषमेंआना
54. Count On
Depend On; Trust That Something Will Happen Or That Someone Will Do As Expected भरोसाकरना
55. Cross Out
Show That Something Written Is Wrong Or Unnecessary By Making An X Across It. सूची में से काटना
56. Do In
Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
57. Do In
To Kill; To Murder. मारना, हत्याकरना
58. Do Over
Do Something Again. दोहराना
59. Drag On
Last Much Longer Than Expected Or Is Necessary. लंबा खींचना
60. Draw Up
Create A Formal Document. औपचारिकदस्तावेजकानिर्माण
61. Drop Off
Deliver Something; Deliver Someone (By Giving Him/Her A Ride). छोड़ना
62. Drop In (On)
Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). किसी के यहाँ अकस्मात जाना
63. Drop By
Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). अनौपचारिकमुलाकात
64. Drop Out (Of)
Stop Attending / Leave School Or An Organization. अलगहोजाना
65. Draw Out
Prolong Something (Usually Far Beyond The Normal Limits). विस्तारितकरना
66. Eat Out
Have A Meal In A Restaurant. रेस्तरांमें खाना खाना
67. Egg On
Urge / Encourage Greatly Toward Doing Something (Usually Something Negative). उकसाना
68. End Up
Finally Arrive At; Arrive At An Unexpected Place. अप्रत्याशित स्थान पर पहुँचना
69. End Up
Arrive Somewhere As A Result Or Consequence. परिणाम स्वरूप पहुँचना
70. Face Up
To Admit To; Take Responsibility For. जिम्मेदारी लेना
71. Fall Through
Not Happen. असफलहोना
72. Feel Up
To Feel Strong Enough Or Comfortable Enough To Do Something. किसी कार्य में सहजता महसूस करना
73. Figure Out
Logically Find The Answer To A Problem; Solve A Problem By Thinking About It Carefully. समाधान निकालना
74. Figure Out
Understand Why Someone Behaves The Way She/He Does. पता लगाना
75. Fill In
Add Information To A Form. फॉर्ममेंसूचनाएँ भरना
76. Fill In (On)
Supply Information That Someone Doesn’t Know. सूचनाएँ प्रशितकरना
77. Fill In
For Temporarily Do Someone Else’s Work; Temporarily Substitute For Another Person. अस्थाई रूप सेदूसरेकाकार्यकरना
78. Fill Out
Complete A Form By Adding Required Information. फॉर्मभरना
79. Fill Out
Become Less Thin; Gain Weight. फूलजाना
80. Find Out (About)
Learn / Get Information (About). खोजनिकालना
81. Get Across
Make Something Understood; Communicate Something Understandably. समझाना
82. Get Along (With)
Have A Friendly Relationship (With); Be Friendly (Toward). मैत्रीपूर्णसंबंध होना
83. Get Around
Avoid Having To Do Something. किसीकार्यसेबचना
84. Get Around
Move From Place To Place. स्थानान्तरण
85. Get By
Survive Financially In A Difficult Situation. जिन्दारहना
86. Get In
Arrive. पहुँचना
87. Get On
Progress आगे बढ़ना
88. Get Off
Depart प्रस्थानकरना
89. Get Off
Be Excused (For A Period Of Time) From Work Class Or Other Regularly Scheduled Activities. बाहरजाना
90. Get Out Of
Escape Having To Do Something. भागजाना
91. Get Over
Finish. समाप्त
92. Get Over
Recover From An Illness Or Painful Experience. ठीकहोना
93. Get Rid Of
Dispose Of; Give Away Or Throw Away. छुटकारापाना
94. Get Rid Of
Dismiss Someone; Fire Someone From A Job; Cause Someone To Leave. बाहरनिकालना
95. Get Up
Leave Bed After Sleeping And Begin Your Daily Activities. उठना
96. Give Up
Stop Doing Something (Usually A Habit). छोड़ना, त्यागना
97. Give Up
Decide Not To Try (Unsuccessfully) Solving A Problem. त्यागदेना
98. Go Out
With Have A Date With. साथमेंबाहरजाना
99. Go With
Look Pleasing Together. साथमेंअच्छादिखना
100. Goof Off
Be Lazy; Do Nothing In Particular. आलसीहोना
101. Grow Up
Spend The Years Between Being A Child And Being An Adult. परिपक्वहोना
102. Grow Up
Behave Responsibly; Behave As An Adult Not A Child. जिम्मेदारानाव्यवहार
103. Hand In
Submit Homework An Assignment Etc. गृहकार्यजमाकरना
104. Hand Out
Distribute. विभाजन
105. Hang Up
End A Phone Conversation By Replacing The Receiver. बातचीत समाप्त करना
106. Have To Do With
Be About. के विषय में
107. Hold Up
Raise; Lift To A Higher-Than-Normal Position. स्तर से ऊपर उठना
108. Hold Up
Delay. देरीहोना
109. Hold Up
Rob; Threaten Someone With Harm Unless She/He Gives Her/His Money Or Other Valuable Things. रोक कर लूटना
110. Iron Out
Mutually Reach An Agreement; Mutually Resolve Difficulties सहयोगसेमतभेदमिटाना
111. Jack Up
Raise / Life By Using A Jack. ऊपरउठाना
112. Jack Up
Raise (Used For Prices). कीमतें बढ़ाना
113. Keep On
Continue जारी रखना
114. Keep On
Continue To Remind Someone To Do Something Until She/He Does It (Even If This Irritates Her/Him). याद दिलाते रहना
115. Kick Out
Expel; Force Someone To Leave Because Of His/Her Poor Performance Or Unacceptable Behavior. निष्कासित करना
116. Knock Out
Make Unconscious. मारकरअचेत कर देना
117. Knock One Out
Work Much Harder Than Normal Or Than What Is Expected. मेहनत से कार्य करना
118. Lay Off
Dismiss Someone From A Job Because Of Lack Of Work Or Money (Not Because Of Poor Performance) अस्थाई तौर पर निकाल देना
119. Leave Out
Forget; Omit. हटादेना, भूलजाना
120. Let Down
Disappoint. निराश करना
121. Let Up
Become Less Intense Or Slower. प्रभाव कम करना
122. Look Back
On Remember; Reflect On / Consider Something In The Past. यादकरना
123. Make Fun
Of Make Jokes About (Usually Unkindly). मजाकबनाना
124. Make Up
Invent / Create (Imaginary) Information. काल्पनिक सूचना तैयार करना
125. Make Up
Compensate For Something Missed Or Not Done By Doing Extra Or Equivalent Work. क्षतिपूर्ति
126. Make Up
(With) Re-Establish A Friendly Relationship By Admitting Guilt. गलतीस्वीकारकरकेपुनः दोस्तीकरना
127. Make Out
See / Hear Something Well Enough To Understand What It Means. पता लगाना
128. Make For
Result In; Cause. उत्पन्नकरना, कारणहोना
129. Mark Up
Increase The Price (For Resale). मूल्य बढ़ना
130. Mark Down
Reduce The Price (As An Incentive To Buy). मूल्य घटाना
131. Mix Up
Cause To Become Confused. भ्रमितहोना
132. Nod Off
Fall Sleep (Usually Unintentionally). झपकीलगना
133. Pan Out
Succeed; Happen As Expected (For Plans). योजनाअनुसार
134. Pass Away
Die. मरजाना, गुजरजाना
135. Pass Out
Faint; Lose Consciousness. बेहोष, होष खोदेना
136. Pass Out
Distribute. विभाजन
137. Pick Out
Choose; Select. छांटलेना
138. Pick Up
Lift; Take Up. पकड़करउठालेना
139. Pick Up
Arrange To Meet Someone And Give Her/Him A Ride. साथलेजाना
140. Pick Up
Get; Buy. खरीदना, प्राप्तकरना
141. Pick Up
Refresh; Revitalize. नयाकरना, ताजाकरना
142. Pick On
Bully; Intentionally Try To Make Someone Upset. किसीकोदुखीकरना
143. Pitch In
Help; Join Together To Accomplish Something. सहायता
144. Pull Over
Drive A Vehicle To The Side Of The Rode. सड़क के किनारेवाहनचलाना
145. Put Away
Return Something To The Proper Place. वापससहीस्थानपर रखना
146. Put Off
Postpone; Delay; Avoid स्थगितकरना
147. Put On
Begin To Wear; Don. पहनना
148. Put On
Try To Make Someone Believe Something That Is Ridiculous Or Untrue. असत्य बात पर विश्वास दिलाने का प्रयास करना
149. Put Out
Inconvenience Someone. असहजकरना
150. Put Up
Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
151. Put Up
Provide Someone With A Place To Sleep. सोने के लिए जगहदेना
152. Put Up
With Tolerate. सहनकरना
153. Put Back
Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
154. Rip Off
Cheat; Take Advantage Of; Charge Too Much. धोखादेना
155. Round Off
Change From A Fraction To The Nearest Whole Number. पूर्णअंकमेंलिखना
156. Run Into
Meet By Chance. टकराजाना
157. Run Out
Of Use The Last Of. संभारसमाप्तहोना
158. Set Up
Make Arrangements For Something. स्थापितकरना
159. Set Back
Cause A Delay In Scheduling. देरीकाकारण
160. Set Back
Cost. कीमत, लागत
161. Slip Up
Make A Mistake. गलतीकरना
162. Stand Out
Be Noticeably Better Than Other Similar People Or Things. स्पश्टदिखाईदेना, श्रेश्ठहोना
163. Stand Up
Rise To A Standing Position. खडे़ होना
164. Show Up
Arrive; Appear. दिखना
165. Show Up
Do A Noticeably Better Job (Often Unexpectedly) Than Someone Else. दूसरों से अच्छा कार्य करना
166. Stand For
Represent. उम्मीदवार
167. Stand For
Tolerate; Permit (Usually Negative). सहनकरना
168. Take After
Resemble; Favor (In Appearance). समानहोना
169. Take / Bring Back
Return. वापसलेलेना
170. Take Care
Of Provide Care For; Watch One’s Health. देखभालकरना
171. Take Care
Of Make Arrangements (For Something To Happen); Take Responsibility For. प्रबंध करना
172. Take Off
Remove (Something You’re Wearing). उतारना
173. Take Off
Leave the ground (जहाज का) उड़ान भरना
174. Take Up
Lift up, raise उठाना
175. Tell Off
Speak To Someone Bluntly And Negatively Saying Exactly What She/He Did Wrong. डांटना, फटकारना
176. Tick Off
Irritate Someone; Make Someone Upset Or Angry. किसी को क्रोधित करना
177. Tick Off
Show That Something Has Been Completed By Putting A Tick (Check) Beside It. सूची चैक करना
178. Throw Away
Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
179. Throw Out
Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
180. Throw Out
Forcibly Make Someone Leave (Usually Because Of Bad Behavior). फेंकना
181. Throw Up
Vomit. छोड़ना
182. Try On
Wear Something Briefly To Check It’s Fit How It Looks Etc. किसीवस्त्र, आदिको, आजमाकर देखना
183. Try Out
Use A Machine Briefly To Determine How Well It Works. प्रयोगकरके देखना
184. Try Out (For)
Try To Win A Place On A Team Or Other Organization. प्रयास करना(जीतने या जगह बनाने के लिए)
185. Turn Around
Move So That You Are Facing The Opposite Direction. दूसरीतरफ घूमना
186. Turn Around
Make Changes So That Something That Was Unprofitable Is Profitable. किसी अलाभकारी चीज को लाभ में बदलना
187. Turn Down
Decrease The Volume. कम करना(मात्रा में)
188. Turn Down
Refuse. अस्वीकारकरना
189. Turn In
Give / Deliver / Submit To Someone. देना
190. Turn In
Go To Bed. सोजाना
191. Turn In
Report Or Deliver Wrongdoers To The Authorities. सूचितकरना
192. Turn Off
Stop By Turning A Handle Or Switch. बंद करना
193. Turn Off
Bore; Repel (Very Informal). नीरसकरना
194. Turn On
Start By Turning A Handle Or Switch. चालूकरना
195. Turn On
Interest Very Much; Excite (Very Informal). उत्सुक
196. Turn Up
Increase The Volume. बढ़ाना (मात्रा में)
197. Turn Up
Appear Unexpectedly. अप्रत्याषित रूप सेदिखना
198. Wait On
Serve (Usually Customers In A Restaurant Shop Etc.) नौकर के रूप मेंसेवाकरना
199. Wait For
Wait Until Someone / Something Arrives Or Is Finished With Something Else. प्रतीक्षाकरना
200. Wake Up
Stop Sleeping. उठना, जागना
201. Wake Up
Rouse Someone; Cause Someone To Stop Sleeping. किसीकोउठाना
202. Watch Out
For Be Careful Of; Beware Of. सावधानरहना, सतर्करहना
203. Wear Out
Wear Something / Use Something Until It Can No Longer Be Worn / Be Used. कपड़े को पहनने योग्य न छोड़ना
204. Wear Out
Cause To Become Exhausted; Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
205. Work Out
Exercise (Usually In A Gym Etc.) To Build Muscles Body Tone Etc. अभ्यास
206. Work Out
Solve A Problem / Resolve A Difficult Situation (Usually By Working Together). समस्या का हल निकालना
207. Wrap Up
Wear Enough Clothes To Keep Warm. अधिक कपड़े पहनना(गर्म रहने के लिए)
208. Wrap Up
Finish Something; Bring Something To A Conclusion. निश्कर्शनिकालना
209. Write Down
Record Something In Writing. लिखितमें रखना
210. Write Up Record;
Report In Writing. लिखितमें
211. Zonk Out
Fall Asleep Quickly Because Of Exhaustion. सो जाना(थकान के कारण)

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