Vocabulary for Human Behavior

1.     Epicurean
a person who loves the refinements of pleasure and
believes that pleasure is the chief good
2.     Stoic
a person who is unmoved by joy or grief
3.     Atheist
a person who denies the existence of God
4.     Catholic
a person who is broad in outlook
5.     Philistine
a person of materialistic taste indifferent to art and literature
6.     Fastidious
a person difficult to please
7.     Connoisseur
a person who is a critical judge in matters of taste
8.     Antiquarian
a person interested in the study of ancient things
9.  Ascetic
a person who practises self-denial and leads an austere life
10. Gourmet
a person who has a good taste for food
11.   Imperious
He is commanding, haughty and arrogant.
12.   Impertinent
He is impudent, saucy and he does not show respect.
13.   Henpecked
He is ruled by his wife.
14.   Garrulous
He talks too much about unimportant things.
15.   Egalitarian
He favours the doctrine of equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.
16.   Plagiarist
He takes and uses somebody else’s ideas, words, etc. as if they were his own.
17.   Chauvinist
He is a person with unreasoning partiality to his place or group.
18.   Debonair
He is suave and light-hearted.
19.   Amiable
He is easy and pleasant to talk to.
20.   Dilettante
He studies something but not seriously and not with real understanding:
a dabbler in art, science or literature.
21.   Extrovert
a person more interested in what goes on around him
than in his own thoughts and feelings
22.   Introvert
a person more interested in his own the thoughts and feelings than in things outside himself
23.   Egoist
a person who always thinks of himself
24.   Egocentric
a person who is self-centred
25.   Gregarious
a person who likes the company of others
26.   Judicious
a person who possesses a sound judgment
27.   Boisterous
a person who is noisy and cheerful
28.   Taciturn
a person who is habitually silent or reserved
29.   Erudite
a person who is scholarly and learned
30.   Punctilious
a person who is precise in the observance of forms or
31.   Supercilious
a person who overbearing, proud and haughty
32.   Misanthrope
a person who hates mankind
33.   Libertine
a person without a moral
34.   Impetuous
a person who acts suddenly and without thought
35. Pugnacious
a person having- an inclination to fight
36.   Rapacious
a person having a grasping nature; greedy
37.   Malicious
a person who is full of malice and ill will
38.   Insidious
a person who does harm secretly and craftily
39.   Petulant
a person unreasonably impatient or irritable
40.   Hypocrite
a person who is feigning to be what he is not                                                      
41.   Optimist
He looks at the bright side of life.
42.   Pessimist
He looks at the dark side of life.
43.   Martinet
He is a stickler for discipline
44.   Aesthete
He has a highly developed sense of beauty.
45.   Pedant
He makes a display of his learning.
46.   Sycophant
He is a servile flatterer of the rich and powerful.
47.   Hedonist
He leads his life purely for pleasure, especially physical pleasure.
48.   Infidel
He has no belief in a specific religion.
49.   Suave
He is polished in manner.
50.   Docile
He is quiet and easily
controlled, managed or Influenced.
51.   Conservative
He is opposed to great or Sudden change.
52.   Misogynist
He hates women.


He is kind and helpful to those who are poorer in trouble.


He treats of sexual subjects in pictures or writing in a way that is meant to cause sexual excitement.
55.   Eccentric
He is a person who is peculiar, not normal in behaviour.
56.   Misogamist
He hates the institution of marriage.
57.   Misologist
He hates learning and knowledge.
58.   Gullible
He is easily tricked and persuaded to believe something.
59.   Recluse
He lives in complete seclusion.
60.   Termagant
She is a noisy, quarrelsome woman.

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