35 प्रकार के डर | 35 Kind of Phobias | Vocabulary

Table of Contents

  1. Acrophobia fear of high places
  2. Agorophobia fear of large, open spaces
  3. Anglophobia fear of Britain
  4. Astrophobia fear of lightning, thunder, and storm
  5. Bibliophobia fear of books
  6. Chirophobia fear of hands
  7. Claustrophobia fear of small, narrow,or,enclosed place
  8. Ergophobia fear (dislike) of work
  9. Demophobia fear of crowds
  10. Dendrophobia fear of trees
  11. Francophobia fear of the French
  12. Gynephobia fear of women
  13. Hemophobia or Hematophobia or Hemeratophobia fear of the sight of blood
  14. Hydrophobia fear of water
  15. Lalophobia fear of speaking
  16. Mysophobia fear of germs or contamination
  17. Nyctophobia fear of darkness
  18. Ochlophobia fear of crowds
  19. Panophobia fear of everything in general
  20. Photophobia fear of strong light
  21. Podophobia fear of feet
  22. Pedophobia fear of children
  23. Hippophobia fear of horses
  24. Peccatophobia fear of sinning or having sinned
  25. Pathophobia fear of suffering or disease
  26. Phonophobia fear of speaking aloud
  27. Pyrophobia fear of fire
  28. Russophobia fear of the Russians
  29. Sitophobia fear of food
  30. Syphilophobia fear of syphilis
  31. Thanatophobia fear of death
  32. Toxophobia fear of being poisoned
  33. Trichophobia fear of hair
  34. Xenophobia fear of strangers
  35. Zoophobia fear of animals

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