1. Bibliomania Obsession With Rare Books.
  2. Demonomania A Morbid Delusion Of Being Under The Influence Of An Evil Spirit.
  3. Dipsomania A Morbid Compulsion To Drink.
  4. Dromomania A Morbid Compulsion For Travel.
  5. Egomania  A Morbid Obsession With Oneself.
  6. Graphomania A Morbid Mania For Writing.
  7. Hypomania A Mild Manic Excitement.
  8. Kleptomania A Morbid Compulsion To Steal.

  9. Logomania A Mania For Talking.
  10. Macromania A Delusion That One’s Body Has Become Very Big.
  11. Micromania A Delusion That One’s Body Has Become Very Small.
  12. Megalomania A Morbid Delusion Of One’s Grandeur.
  13. Monomania Single Fixed Obsession.
  14. Nymphomania Excessive Sexual Desire In A Female.
  15. Pseudomania A Mania For Making False And Exaggerated Statement.
  16. Pyromania Compulsion To Set Fire For Thrill.

  17. Scribblomania A Mania For Making Meaningless Marks On Paper.
  18. Theomania A Delusion That One Has Become A God.

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