1. यदि statement positive हो तो question tag negative होता है Positive statement + negative question tag

  • You take tea, don’t you?
  • She is beautiful, isn’t she?
  • Rohit went to school, didn’t he?
  • He will help me, won’t he?
  • I am all right, aren’t I?

2. यदि statement negative हो तो question tag positive होता है Negative statement + Positive question tag

  • You don’t take tea, do you?
  • She is not beautiful, is she?
  • Rohit did not go to school, did he?

  • He will not help me, will he?
  • I am not happy, am I?

3. यदि neither, no, not, never, none, no one, nobody nothing, few, little, hardly, rarely, scarcely, seldom का प्रमोग हो तो question tag positive होता है

  • They had no friends, had they?
  • No one knows this, do they?
  • Nobody is allowed to come, are they?
  • Nothing is perfect, is it?
  • They have nothing, have they?
  • Few people will come, will they?

  • Neither of them helped her, did they?
  • He knows little about her, does he?

4. When a few and a little is used than negative tag must be used.

  • She has a little knowledge, hasn’t she?
  • Only a few students will get the award, won’t they?

5. Positive or negative question tags can be used with positive request or command.

  • Open the door, will you?
    Open the door, won’t you?
  • Please give me a pen, will you?
    Please give me a pen, won’t you?

6. Positive question tag must be used with positive request or command.

  • Don’t open the gate, will you?
  • Don’t go there, will you?

  • Don’t forget me, will you?
  • Don’t try to cheat me, will you?

7. Shall we? Must be used with the sentences starting with let us or let’s.

  • Let’s dance, shall we?
  • Let’s go, shall we?
    But, with let him/her/them/Ram/My friend….etc. “Will you” must be used as a question tag.
  • Let him play, will you?
  • Let them go out, will you?

8. If an imperative sentence shows angriness than “can’t you?” Must be used as a question tag.

  • Use your own car, can’t you?
  • Use your own mind, can’t you?

  • Shut up, can’t you?

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